Imaging Tool Helps Doctors Predict How Cancer Will Respond to Radiation

Clinicians who prescribe radiation to treat cancer face a fundamental difficulty in determining what dose to apply: They don’t know how individual tumors will respond to the therapy.

Now, a project by researchers at the University of Arkansas and Johns Hopkins University may promise a way to detect the difference between tumors in the lung and the head and neck that react positively to the therapy, by shrinking, and those that resist it. The researchers were able to detect resistant tumors in mice, though only clinical trials can confirm whether the same approach would work in people. Read more...

Chinese AI helps target head and neck tumors

GUANGZHOU, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) medical tool that can help doctors target head and neck tumor cells faster and more accurately, according to an article published in the international journal Radiology.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is cancer that starts in the nasopharynx, which is the upper part of the throat behind the nose. Due to the organ structure and its location in the human body, surgery is always difficult, and radiation therapy is the most common form of treatment. Read more...

Rakuten's CEO Is Developing a Brilliant New Cancer Treatment: Light



Some types of innovation are fueled by curiosity. Others stem from the profit motive. (In many cases, it’s a bit of both). For Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani, the quest for groundbreaking science was born of heartbreak.

Mikitani’s father’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis (and eventual death) spurred the serial entrepreneur to form a biotechnology outfit centered on “photoimmunotherapy.” In simpler terms, Rakuten Aspyrian is attempting to treat cancer with literal light.

That journey began on the heels of the elder Mikitani’s diagnosis. “One of my friends called me, who was also a friend of my father’s… and said, by the way, my cousin is doing this new project, trying to cure cancer with light,” Mikitani explained during a one-on-one interview at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference on Wednesday. “I was like, this must be a joke. But I was desperate.” Read more...

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett urging people to 'Open Up and Say Ahh!'

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (HNCA) is hosting its 21st annual Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week (OHANCAW), April 7th-14th. Poison drummer Rikki Rockett joins HNCA as its official spokesperson, urging individuals, both nationally and internationally, to get a free screening during OHANCAW. Hundreds of sites throughout the United States and internationally will offer free oral, head and neck cancer screenings during OHANCAW. Rockett, founder and drummer of the rock band Poison, was diagnosed with HPV-attributed throat cancer in 2015 and is now in remission after undergoing radiation and immunotherapy. Read more...

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