Head and neck cancer news is very quiet this week. We bring you three stories to keep you thinking....

The 3 Essential Strategies To Come Back To Life After Cancer

The reality of life after cancer can be one of overwhelm and anger, of feeling lost and alone with no idea how to pick yourself back up and live the life you survived for.

Half Of Cancer Patients Struggle To Seek Help Because They Want To 'Stay Strong' For Family

Nearly half (47%) of people diagnosed with cancer said they found it hard to ask for help from friends, family and colleagues after they were diagnosed, according to research from Race for Life.

Four in 10 (43%) of those admitted they feared being pitied and by three in 10 (30%) name pressure to “stay strong” around family and friends as the reason they kept quiet. Read more...

Head and neck cancer: Could oral sex raise your risk?

New research has discovered that smoking and oral sex are tied to an increased risk of developing HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer, which is a form of head and neck cancer activated by exposure to the human papillomavirus. Read more....

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