Head and Neck Cancer Network Launches Petition

3433802167?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Head and Neck Cancer Network have added their voice to the other cancer organisation calling for Pharmac to fund cancer drug Keytruda. MedSafe approved the drug for use in head and neck cancer after chemotherapy. However, Network Chair Diana Ayling says, Keytruda needs to be available as an option with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy”.

At present HNC patient, Diana Craig is funding her own treatment with donations from a Give a Little Page. She hopes to raise $75,000 for her treatment. Diana says, “A biopsy has shown that the tumours are likely to respond positively to a recognised head and neck cancer treatment, perfect for my type of cancer, immunotherapy called Keytruda. Unfortunately, Keytruda is not funded through the public health system. I have been given the prognosis of months to perhaps possibly a few years to live depending on the success of treatment.” 

Diana Ayling, says head and neck cancers are often misdiagnosed by primary health providers. Once diagnosed patients find treatments of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy extremely difficult. Some patients are changed forever, unable to speak, swallow, or taste. Head and neck cancers may be disfiguring, and lives are changed. 

One of the biggest issues facing head and neck cancer patients is postcode care. DHB’s offer different levels of support for patients. Some patients are provided with free items to manage their care and live their lives, others have to pay or enter into co-pay arrangements. Diana Ayling says, “Ideally, every head and neck cancer patient has access to the same level of care, provided with the devices they need, and have access to rehabilitation, and reconstruction services”.Read more here....


Drummin Out Cancer


3433792446?profile=RESIZE_710xWhat Rikki Rockett, founder and drummer of the rock band Poison, thought was a passing illness turned out to be the start of a harrowing ordeal with throat cancer.

Head and neck cancer accounts for about 4% of all cancers in the United States, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Rockett learned of his type, HPV-attributed throat cancer, in 2015.

In an interview with Heal®, he shared how his disease was found and describes his experience with immunotherapy — the treatment he credits for helping him achieve remission.

Read more here....

Survival and Chemotherapy Rates for Various Cancers

Although head and neck cancers are not included in this article, it is a very interesting exploration of chemotherapy to treat cancer. 

Chemotherapy is a powerful treatment that involves taking medications to damage cancerous cells. The goal is to prevent these cells from dividing and multiplying.

This article outlines the use of chemotherapy drugs in the treatment of different cancers. We describe how many people with different types of cancer undergo chemotherapy as part of their treatment.

We also give information about survival rates for people with these types of cancer, according to the stage of cancer when a person received the diagnosis.Read more here...



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