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Sean is a star ambassador for the Head and Neck Cancer Support Network. He works tirelessly to support those affected by HNC. His simple acts of kindness over the years embody the idea behind our Network and World Smile Day.https://www.worldsmileday


Today Chris tells his story of Head and Neck Cancer. Chris points out that it not just patients affected. Families/whanau, caregivers and friends are impacted by a cancer diagnosis as well.

The time immediately after diagnosis is difficult. A big par


The 4th October is World Smile Day. "https://www.worldsmileday.com   Our Head and Neck Cancer Support Network community is acknowledging the day with our #CanSmile campaign. Head and Neck Cancer is devasting to those affected. You can find yourself


Today's story comes from South Island member, Heather Anderson, who like another three of our members has a rarer form of HNC, adenoid cystic carcinoma. 

ACC (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma) is a rare and unique form of cancer that is known to be unpred


Bob Watt is one year out from this head and neck cancer, so clearly shown in his PET scan. Bob is in Southland and had 30 treatments via radiation and 6 (once a week) of carboplatin to treat both tumours which were diagnosed as Stage IV T1 N2a HPV p



The following story is by DeboraLee Edwards and was first published on our Facebook page. Deb has recently qualified as a real estate agent, attending classes with a PEG tube and port. She is from Roanoke, Virginia. She had to practise hard to get

14445609?profile=RESIZE_710xIn the two years during which we have run this Network, we have come across fellow patient advocates from all over the world. Shrenik Shah from Ahmedabad, India, is a long term cancer survivor who speaks with an Electrolarynx and has devoted his surv


Thyroid cancer comes loosely under the heading of head and neck cancer or is at least treated by the same ENT/ORL surgeons who treat us. I believe that most thyroid cancers are very curable. I think this is an interesting story of how one person cop

One of our members, Bernard, speaks in the video within this Nelson Mail article. He and his fellow throat cancer survivor speak out about the challenges of finding a new life after cancer and the need for males to be vaccinated against HPV.