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Today Chris tells his story of Head and Neck Cancer. Chris points out that it not just patients affected. Families/whanau, caregivers and friends are impacted by a cancer diagnosis as well.

The time immediately after diagnosis is difficult. A big part of this is not knowing what's to come, and people who take on the role of "carers" are often in need of guidance. After I was diagnosed with Head & Neck Cancer in 2018, I searched the internet for answers to the many questions that popped into my head. Even though I'd been down the cancer road before I still had lots of questions and concerns, and day by day, the journey was getting more and more confusing.

My internet search led me to the Head & Neck Cancer Support Network, and I reached out to them to join their support group. The emotional and psychological support I receive from the group is invaluable. Speaking with others who have been where you are is invaluable and the sharing of information about what to expect at a personal level is extremely stress relieving and helpful to both the patient and carer.

Diana Ayling