Our Stories

We have gathered stories from all over the world to share information, and give hope. 


The 4th October is World Smile Day. "https://www.worldsmileday.com   Our Head and Neck Cancer Support Network community is acknowledging the day with our #CanSmile campaign. Head and Neck Cancer is devasting to those affected. You can find yourself without much to smile about. Some of us, are unable to smile to smile at all. However, by drawing strength from the community, we can all find something to smile about. 

#CanSmile is an opportunity to reflect on our experiences. Over the next couple of days, some of our survivors will share their experiences, and how they have come to a place where they can smile again.

Today Nicky McDonald shares her story, and the value she has found in the Head and Neck Cancer Support Network Community.

"The dramatic lifestyle change after surgery and radiotherapy hit me hard. I was also unable to work as I couldn’t communicate clearly and that affected my confidence and self-image. I had previously been a very strong, positive person, but this experience really derailed my life in many ways. 
It was during this time that I came across Head and Neck Cancer Support Network. There’s nothing quite like the companionship of people who have been through a similarly harrowing cancer journey. It was encouraging to know that things would get better."

Diana Ayling