Bob Watt is one year out from this head and neck cancer, so clearly shown in his PET scan. Bob is in Southland and had 30 treatments via radiation and 6 (once a week) of carboplatin to treat both tumours which were diagnosed as Stage IV T1 N2a HPV positive. He is well now and the medical team don't want to give him another scan until the 3 year mark. He has read all his notes and has reluctantly agreed with their decision. 

I thought this was very interesting for a number of reasons

1. A pet scan is much easier for a layperson to "read" than a CT scan or X-Ray. 

2. In Southland they seem to have access to their scans and notes, something not encouraged elsewhwere in the country

3. It shows how the hpv cancers affect the lymph nodes where they often first manifest themsleves

3. Interesting that Bob had carboplatin rather than cisplatin

Thank you for sharing this with us, Bob, and congratulations for being such an engaged patient. 



Diana Ayling

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