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A Human Right To Life

3715202910?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a cornerstone of the modern world. The Declaration gives everyone the right to life, freedom, and safety from harm. In New Zealand we value and respect the Declaration. We promote human rights internationally. So, why are we denying New Zealand citizens right to live through life saving medicines? Head and neck cancer patients facing a life threatening illness should have access to Keytruda a potential life saver. We want to see every person every time having access to the same standard of care. 

We believe all citizens of New zealand have the right to life saving medicines. 

We believe Keytruda should be a fully funded treatment option for any New Zealander that needs it. 

Please sign Diana Ayling’s Petition to fund Keytruda. https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/document/PET_89949/petition-of-diana-ayling-for-head-and-neck-cancer-support 


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