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Questions to Ask Post Treatment


1.   Can you explain the pathology results to me?

2.   What were the results of the samples? Were the margins sufficiently clear? If so, by how much?

3.   What are the stats for reoccurrence given my post-surgery pathology results?

4.   Do I need to take medication?

5.   How do I look after myself to ensure that I recover well?

6.   Who will check in on me?

7.   Where do I find post-hospital support?

8.   Is there any special items that I need to purchase to assist with my recovery?

9.   What if I experience any complications – what should I do?

10.   When am I expected to see the oncologists?

11.   When am I expected to see the dentist?

12.   When am I expected to see the speech therapist?

13.   What is the expected timeline from here to my next, scan or checkup?