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Suggested Activities for World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Need ideas for WHNCD?

International Federation of Head and Neck Oncology Societies (IFHNOS) is a global organization established through cooperation of national and regional Societies and Organizations in the specialty of Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology with membership from national and regional multidisciplinary organizations, representing 50 countries. The purpose of this organization is to provide a common platform for specialists in the field of Head and Neck Cancer to interact in professional matters of mutual interest. To know more about IFHNOS visit http://www.ifhnos.org/home

The organisations has some suggestions for activities for WHNCD. Whatever you choose to do, please let us know. We will publicise through our channels. Working together we can achieve more. 

a. Educating the physicians on early diagnosis, current treatment paradigms, and frontiers in research in Head and Neck Cancer

 - we suggest holding an education evening for your local GPs and dentists. You will need your head and neck clinicial team to lead, and we can provide a patient perspective with someone to speak or a video.

b. Awareness programs for the general public.

- we can help you write something for your local media outlets to publicise the day. Just contact us. We are happy to work with you to write up patient stories.

-Use social media to publicise your events. Make good use of Facebook, and Twitter. Be sure to send our images of your good work. #whncd17 #awaREDness

- You might like to work with your organisation's Public Relations team to promote the good work you are doing in head and neck cancer. Anything new is worth a story. 

c. Free screening for Head & Neck cancers.

- We suggest you offer a free screening clinic and publicise them in your local media. 

d. Interaction with cancer survivors and their families.

- Hold an event that brings patients, carers, families/whanau together to celebrate. You might like to hold a morning or afternoon tea. Make red food and have red decorations for #awaREDness If you are in a ward environment you might like to decorate your ward, similarly your outpatient facilities. 

e. Interaction with government and policy makers.

We are working with various organisations to do this on behalf of head and neck cancer stakeholders. So take a rest on this one.


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