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Here is a sample of the waffle we have all come to expect from DHB propaganda departments with regard to what they will or will not publish on their respective websites, even if they say that they are not selective…………………..well see for yourself.  This is what my local hospital (Wanganui) DHB reply was to the question of what is and is not reported to the (HQSC), HDC outcomes and what will or will not appear on their website.

“When a serious adverse event occurs, it is graded according to a severity assessment code (SAC).  SAC 1 and 2 cases are reported to the Health Quality and Safety Commission at the time we are made aware of them.  These cases then form part of the national adverse event report.  These cases may have also been reported by the patient or their family to HDC.  At the time of release of the national adverse event report.  Each DHB produces a short summary of each case and puts it on their website.  This is a standard process across the country.  Full HDC reports are not generally put on DHB websites as the author of the reports is the HDC, not the DHB themselves.

Who decides what is or isn’t reported ?  Surprise, surprise !, it’s DHB who chooses.  ALL incidents should be reported.  For future reference I now know that you can (as a patient, carer, family member, etc) make an independent report to the HQSC.  Make it writing and as soon as possible directly to the HQSC and remember to request an acknowledgement and response

I have had promises (mainly verbal), denials (oh boy have I had denials) and a great deal of "Mushroom Diplomacy" from the Wanganui DHB - that's defined as : "Kept in the dark and fed copious manure" - still, it's the same old story.  Denial after denial, no consequences,............. and the band played on !

I think they should change their name to either:

1. Teflon - as nothing, but nothing sticks to Teflon.


2. The Untouchables - as it's s evident that not even their own "patients rights" can be enforced to touch them.

You may well say that you have a right to complain, but do you have the right to that complaint being investigated ?  No, beleive it or not, you don't.

G M Rigg